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World War I

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Texans Take to the Trenches lobby exhibit icon

Texans Take to the Trenches lobby exhibit

Texans Take to the Trenches
WWI: The Lone Star State and the Great War

This is an electronic version of the exhibit on display at the Texas State Archives’ Lorenzo de Zavala building between April and late September 2017. The exhibit marks the 100th Anniversary of the “Great War.” The collection of photographs, correspondence, and other documents commemorate the Texans who responded to Uncle Sam’s “I Want You” rally cry and showcases the individual experiences of Texans dealing with the war both at home and abroad.

War Diary 1st Battalion 144th Infantry Aboard U.S.S. Pretoria

Frank S. Tillman Collection

The Frank S. Tillman collection contains printed material, diaries, rosters, lists of wartime deaths, and assorted material produced between 1915 and 1939, documenting and describing the participation of Texas soldiers in World War I. The material, created by both participants and commentators of the events they describe, concerns the recruitment, composition, training, transportation, combat service, casualties, occupation duties, and demobilization of Texas soldiers and military units between 1917 and 1919. The bulk of the collection concerns the Thirty-Sixth Division while the remainder deals with the Ninetieth Division, the Adjutant General of Texas, and other Texas soldiers. Major Frank S. Tillman was a veteran of the Thirty-Sixth Division.

Signal Corps Photo 30599

Signal Corps Photo 30599

General John A. Hulen papers
Papers documenting the military career and life of Brigadier General John A. Hulen, who commanded the 72nd Infantry Brigade (1917-1919) and the 36th Infantry Division of the Texas National Guard (1922-1935), consist of correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks, dating 1887-1960, undated. The records in the Texas Digital Archive include only a subset of the photographs series.

Souvenir Edition of The Trail Log

36th Division Association Papers

The Thirty-Sixth Division Association was founded in January 1946 at a meeting in Brownwood of veterans who served with the Thirty-sixth Infantry Division during World War II. The papers include correspondence, reports, military records and scrapbooks, dating 1857-1954. Records relate to Texans’ experience during World War I, railroads in Texas, and the San Jacinto Monument.

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