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“People” Collection

Wm. H. Abell

Wm. H. Abell

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Collection dates:  various dates

Scope and Content:  Portraits of various men and women important to Texas and United States history. The majority of the images are portraits of individuals including Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, Deaf Smith, William Barret Travis, Czar Alexander III, and Jefferson Davis. A detailed inventory of images is available in the prints and photographs binder in the Archives search room.

Arrangement:  The images have been arranged alphabetically, with unidentified photographs placed at the end. Additions have been made since the first grouping, and they have been placed at the end of the collection.

Format:  Photographs; Copy prints; Photographic postcards; Photoengravings (prints); Engravings (prints); Stats (copies); Negatives; Glass plate negatives; daguerreotypes (photographs)
Process:  Gelatin silver process; Albumen process; Photoengravings (process)
Size of collection:  923+ items
Accession number and donation information: 1/102. This is an artificial collection with new material added at various dates.
Box numbers:  PP0008, PP0009, PP0010, PP0011, PP0012, PP0013, PPB002, PPH001, PPG001, PPD001, F-location


Stephen F. Autsin

Stephen F. Austin

This page offers examples of terms that can be used to search the “People” Collection.  These names appear in the titles or descriptions of the photos.  Adding any of these terms to the search box at the top of the main page will help you narrow the results based on that term. To help with web-browser loading, images have been divided into sets of roughly 100 images.

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Personal Names:

Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836; Travis, William Barret, 1809-1836; Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889;
Alfred, Old Uncle; Barker, Eugene C. (Eugene Campbell), 1874-1956; Barker, J.K.;
Barrett, Jonathan Fay, 1817-1885; Bedichek, Una; Bell, Uriah;
Benedict, H.Y.; Bishop, Thomas G.; Blake, Bennet;
Borden, Mary Hatch; Bowie, Rezin, approximately 1762-1821; Bowles, Chief;
Brackenridge, Laura; Bradly, C.S.; Brady, John T.;
Bryan, Moses Austin, 1817-1895; Bryan, Pryor M.; Bugbee, Lester Gladstone;
Burford, Nathaniel Macon; Burleson, Edward, 1798-1851; Burleson, Rufus Columbus, 1823-1901;
Burnet, David Gouverneur, 1789-1870; Calvert, Robert W. (Robert Wilburn), 1905-1994; Campbell, Thomas Mitchell, 1856-1923;
Carlota, Empress, consort of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, 1840-1927; Carter, D.W.; Castro, Henri, 1786-1865;
Chambers, Thomas Jefferson, 1802–1865; Charlie, Tonkawa Chief; Chisholm, Jesse;
Clark, George; Clement, S.E.; Cocke, Richard;
Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917; Coleman, L.W.; Collard, William E.;
Combs, J. Melvin; Conner, Truman H.; Cooper, Leroy;
Corse, M.O.; Cortina, Juan N. (Juan Nepomuceno),1824-1894; Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836;
Crockett, Elizabeth Patton,1788-1860; Crockett, John McClannahan, 1816–1887; Culberson, Charles A. (Charles Allen), 1855-1925;
Dahlaren, C.B.; Dalrymple, William Cornelius, 1814–1898; Daniel, Jean Houston;
Darnell, Nicholas Henry, 1807-1885; Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889; Day, James M.;
De la Vega, Efrain; Zavala, Lorenzo de, 1788-1836; DeBerry, A.W.;
Debray, Xavier Blanchard; Devine, Thomas Jefferson, 1820–1890; Dickenson, Susanna;
Dickson, David Catchings, 1818-1800; Dolan, Pat; Ector, Mathew, 1822-1879;
Erath, George Bernard, 1813-1891; Esparza, Enrique, 1828-1917; Ewing, Dr. Alexander Wray;
Ewing, J.F.; Fannin, Missouri Pinckney, 1829-1847; Ferguson, James Edward, 1871-1944;
Ferguson, Miriam Amanda, 1875-1961; Ferris, J.W.; Finger, Olin; Fisher, George, 1795-1873;
Flanagan, James W. (James Wainwright), 1872-; Foote, Henry S. (Henry Stuart), 1804-1880; Ford, John Salmon;
Gálvez, Bernardo de, 1746-1786; Garner, John Nance, 1868-1967; Gill, W.H.;
Glasscock, George Washington, Jr., 1846-1911; Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885; Gray, Peter W., 1819-1874;
Grayson, Thomas W. (Thomas Wigg), 1808-1873; Greer, Robert A.; Gregg, J.;
Grierson, Benjamin Henry, 1826-1911; Gustine, Nancy Courson; Hale, John W.;Hamilton, R.H.;
Harcourt, John T.; Hardeman, William Polk, 1816-1898; Hardin, John Wesley, 1853-1895;
Henderson, Francis Cox, 1820-1897; Henderson, James Pinckney, 1808-1858; Hill, John Christopher Columbus, 1828-1904;
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906; Horton, Alexander, 1810-1894; Houston, Granny;
Houston, Margaret Moffette Lea, 1819-1867; Houston, Sam, 1793-1863; Howard, Volney E. (Volney Erskine), 1809-1889;
Hubbard, Richard Bennett, 1832-1901; Huff, S.P.; Humphrey, R.B.;
Hunt, Memucan, 1807-1856; Huston, Felix, 1800-1857; Hutcheson, Joseph C. (Joseph Chappell), 1879-1973;
Hutchings, John H., 1822-1906; Hutchings, Minnie Knox; Juana Inés de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695;
Jackson, M.J.R.; Jackson, Stonewall, 1824-1863; James, John H. (John Herndon), 1852-1912;
Thomas, Jefferson; Jennings, Thomas Jefferson, 1801–1881; Jester, Mabel Buchanan;
Johnson, Thomas; Johnston, Albert Sidney, 1803-1862; Johnston, Rienzi Melville, 1849-1926;
Jones, Anson, 1798-1858; Jones, John B., 1834-1881; Journeay, Henry, 1815-1870.

Place names:


Subject terms:

Portrait photograph-postcard of Taos Indian

Portrait photograph-postcard of Taos Indian




Military heroes;


Indians of North America;

Iroquois Indians;




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