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Adjusting documents in the Texas Digital Archive (TDA)

Adjusting documents in the Texas Digital Archive (TDA)

Adjust documents using the toolbar above the document (see Figure 1, below).

red circle around the toolbar of document viewerFigure 1.

The toolbar allows you to zoom in and out, rotate, view an image in full screen mode, and search full-text. Some of these options apply only to documents. To adjust items in the TDA that display as images, see the tips for adjusting images.


Click on the >> button to display the tools menu. Click “Rotate Clockwise” or “Rotate Anti-Clockwise” (see Figure 2, below).

red circle around more options in document viewerFigure 2.

Zoom In/Out

To zoom in, click on the + button on the toolbar. To zoom out, click on the – button. You can also select a preset zoom by clicking on “Automatic Zoom” and selecting a zoom percentage (see Figure 3, below).

red circle around zoom options in document viewerFigure 3.

To adjust the image back to the default view, select “Fit Page” from the Automatic Zoom menu.

View Image Full Screen

Click on the button with 4 arrows to view the document in full screen (see Figure 4, below).

red circle around full screen icon in document viewerFigure 4.

Hit the ESC key to return to the default view.


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