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General Correspondence, 1969, 1996-2015, undated

General correspondence, 1969, 1996, 2001-2011, undated, 11 cubic ft. and 40.5 MB (1,374 files) (paper, digital)

Please note: These records may be restricted. See the restrictions statement on the main page for details on how to contact the archives for more information.

Scope and Content
The Texas Office of the First Lady encompasses the official governmental activities of the spouse of the governor and functions as a subdivision of the Office of the Governor in practice. These records consist of the incoming and outgoing general correspondence of the Office of the First Lady, dating 1969, 1996-2011, and undated.

Records include letters, notes and emails written by Anita Perry thanking people and organizations for their participation in events and for gifts, congratulating them on recent achievements, expressing sympathy and condolences, recommending individuals to positions, and promoting social causes. A significant portion of these records consists of incoming correspondence, primarily invitations to events. Also included are the biographies of individuals involved with fundraisers, the governor’s annual Christmas card, official trips to Italy, Germany, Malta, Israel and Slovakia, event scheduling requests, and ephemera etc.

Organizations and social causes reflected in these records include the the Texas Nurses Association and the Nursing Shortage Bill, the Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing at Texas Tech University, Alzheimer’s Association, Texas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Texas Society of March of Dimes, Pink Ribbons Crusade, Main Street First Lady tour, etc.

Records in Box 2015/067-2815 primarily document events, rather than correspondence. While they include original invitations, they also contain event programs, agenda, copies of magazines with articles on Rick Perry and Texas, biographies for Rick and Anita Perry, memoranda, copies of state appointment application forms, press releases, a list of shelters visited, Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol-free, recipes and governor’s volunteer awards.

Electronic records described in the finding aid that are part of the Texas Digital Archive are indicated as such in the inventory. Restrictions on access to the content of records are applicable to physical and electronic records.

Formats of the original electronic files include word processing or plain text files (.doc, .docx, .txt), spreadsheets (.xls., xlsx), photographs and graphic images (.tif), databases (.mdb) and PDFs. Digital files presented for public use will generally be PDF for text documents or spreadsheets and .jpg for photographic or graphic images. Files in their original format are available on request; restrictions may apply.

Records are arranged as received by the agency. Overall, records are arranged chronologically by year and within that framework, by month. Records in Box 2015/067-2815 are grouped according to events, and are arranged chronologically by year.

Preferred Citation
(Identify the item), General correspondence, First Lady Anita Perry’s files, Texas Governor Rick Perry records. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information
Accession numbers: 2015/067, 2015/117

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Office of the Governor between December 19, 2014 and March 2015, and on January 29, 2015.

Inventory of the General Correspondence


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2015/067-2815 Mansion tea, undated
[Includes multiple copies of the recipe for the Texas Governor’s Mansion tea punch.]
Anita Perry, 1969, 1996, 1998-1999
[Includes copies of Time magazine with coverage of Rick Perry, the 1969 mission to the moon, nomination forms for the governor’s volunteer awards, etc..]
Decline letter samples, 1999
Historical Foundation, Texas, 1999
Inner-Action fundraiser, December, 1999
Bio (biography) RP (Rick Perry), 1999
March-in, November 11, 2000
[Reception hosted by the Perrys to watch the 2000 Corps of Cadets, and Fightin’ Aggie Band March-in.]
Project America, 2000
[Rick Perry was a member of Project America’s Advisory Council.]
Christmas card, 2000
Christmas card, 2003
Alzheimer’s, 2000
Young Life Development Board, 2000
[Anita Perry served on the Young Life Development Board.]
Christmas Affair, 2000
[Fundraiser organized by the Junior League of Austin.]
Christmas card art, original art work – Mary Jane Manford, 2001
Christmas cards, 2001
Kid Care, 2001
Nursing shortage bill, 2001
[Note: Includes home addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers in state appointment application forms.]
[Includes information pertaining to Senate Bill 572, 2001.]
Nurse’s Association, Texas, 2001
White House file, 2002
[Includes correspondence to the governor’s office from the White House.]
Unmarked folder, 2001
[Includes correspondence relating to breast cancer awareness.]
Langes, 2001
[Includes correspondence with Lange production house about breast cancer informational videos.]
Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free, 2001
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)/TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) conference, 6/29/01, 2001
Press releases, 2001
Women’s Museum (Dallas), 2001
March of Dimes, Texas Society of, 2001
Miscellaneous file, 2001
[Includes photographs and a Christmas card addressed to Anita Perry from a personal friend in Australia.]
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Texas Committee of the, 2001
Underage Drinking Program Initiative, 2001
West Texas A&M University, 2001
[References the Anita Thigpen Perry Nursing Excellence Scholarship Endowment.]
Thank yous, 2001
Clements, Rita, 2001
UT (University of Texas) at San Antonio Health Science Center, 2001-2002
Riverside General Hospital, 2002
State Cemetery, 2001
Shelters visited, undated
Books – AP’s (Anita Perry) favorite, 2002
Pink Ribbons Crusade, 2002
[Anita Perry served as honorary chairman of the inaugural gala.]
White, Linda Gale – speech, 2002
[Includes a letter from Linda Gale White, wife of former governor Mark White, to Anita Perry, in addition to a rough draft of a speech White gave while First Lady of Texas. The speech centers around the history of Texas and the Governor’s Mansion.]
Press releases, 2002
Woman of the Year – Reading (story), 2002
[Includes correspondence and printout of a story.]
Keepsake file, 2002
[This file consists of correspondence from family and close acquaintances, and is marked personal.]
Juarez murders, 2002
[Includes correspondence between Anita Perry and officers of the Coalition against Violence toward Women and Families on the Border, particularly regarding the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez. Also included is a special report that appeared in the El Paso Times.]
National Immunization Tour, April, 2002
Laura Bush, 2002
[Includes correspondence from Anita Perry to Laura Bush soliciting support for a national commemorative 9-11 project initiated by the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution.]
Bush, Barbara, 2002
[Includes a letter from Anita Perry to Barbara Bush seeking her participation at a luncheon to engage voters during Rick Perry’s gubernatorial campaign in 2002.]
Immunization, 2000, 2003
[Includes material pertaining to the Texas Department of Health advertising campaign for immunizations.]
2003 Christmas card(s), 2003
Buttermilk pie, 2003
Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation, 2003
[Includes copy of a press release pertaining to the Justice for All Texans campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of civil legal aid.]
Christmas Angels, 2003
[Includes letters of appreciation from Anita Perry to individuals who made needlepoint angel ornaments for the governor’s mansion Christmas tree. Also included is a copy of a special certificate issued by Anita Perry congratulating the docents of the governor’s mansion on their 20th anniversary.]
Civil Justice League, Texas, 2004
[Includes copies of the quarterly publication, The Texas Civil Justice Journal, dated Winter 2004, by the Texas Civil Justice League. The publication features Anita Perry on the cover.]
Holden, Lori (Missouri), 2004
[Includes a letter to Anita Perry from the First Lady of Missouri.]
Vatican tour, undated
[Includes a business card of the commissioner of the Texas Commission on the Arts.]
Italy trip, March, 2004-2005
[Includes thank-you letters from Anita Perry to staff members of hospitals she visited during her trip to Italy, as well as a letter from a member of a delegation from Italy to Texas.]
Christmas card list, 2004
[Includes blank Christmas cards. There is no list.]
Women’s museum, 2004
Weber, Julie, 2004
[Includes a draft of a letter of recommendation from Anita Perry for Julie Weber, in addition to correspondence and a resume for Ms. Weber.]
Internet Keep Safe Coalition, 2005
[Includes a draft of a letter from Anita Perry introducing the coalition.]
Alcohol Free, Leadership to Keep Children, 2004
Ag. (Agriculture) department accomplishments, Rick Perry, 2005
Incarnate Word, Univ. (University) of, 2005
Senate Ladies Club, 2005
[Includes correspondence and printout of a story.]
New York (February 1, 2006), 2006
[Includes the First Lady’s schedules and agenda for a Texas tourism media event in New York, remarks, list of attendees, travel itineraries, press releases and Texas trivia.]
Quotes, 2006
March of Dimes signature chef event, 2006
Women’s Hall of Fame, 2006
March of Dimes gala, April 30, 2007, 2007
Main Street Preserve America ltr. (letter), October, 2007
Auction items, 2007
[Includes a letter of recommendation from Anita Perry.]
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2015/067-2816 General correspondence:
[Primarily consists of thank you letters from Anita Perry for participation in the second annual Texas Conference for Women.]
[Primarily consists of thank you letters from Anita Perry for participation in the third annual Texas Conference for Women.]
[Primarily consists of thank you letters from Anita Perry for participation in the fourth annual Texas Conference for Women.]
[Includes letters of recommendation by Anita Perry.]
[Includes thank you letters from Anita Perry for participation in the sixth annual Texas Conference for Women, as well as letters of recommendation.]
[Includes correspondence pertaining to the eighth annual Texas Conference for Women.]
[Includes letters sent to Anita Perry from citizens requesting assistance or stating complaints.]
[Includes letters sent to Anita Perry from citizens requesting assistance or stating complaints.]
January to June, 2010
[Includes letters to and from Anita Perry.]
July to December, 2010
[Includes letters to and from Anita Perry.]
[Includes letters to and from Anita Perry.]
January-February, 2011
[Primarily consists of outgoing correspondence from Anita Perry.]
March-August, 2011
[Includes letters to and from Anita Perry.]
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2015/067-2817 Photographs from the naming of the Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing, undated
[The photographs include post-its with descriptive captions and identification of some people.]
Correspondence, 2006:
[Records in these folders consist primarily of event scheduling forms, printouts of emails and web pages and invitation cards, etc..]
Correspondence, 2007:
[Records in these folders consist primarily of event scheduling forms, printouts of emails and web pages and invitation cards, etc..]
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2015/067-2818 Loose materials, 2008-2009
Correspondence, 2008-2009:
[Records in these folders are housed in an accordian-style wallet and filed alphabetically by last name. They primarily consist of letters from Anita Perry offering thanks, congratulations or sympathy.]
[Includes a small number of printouts of emails, media contacts, messages, handwritten notes, and a letter, dated September-November 2009.]
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2015/067-2819 Miscellaneous years, 2001, 2006-2007
Decline, May, 2009
June, November, 2009
Miscellaneous invites, 2009
Miscellaneous invites, 2010
Decline, July, 2009
Decline, August, 2009
September declines, 2009
June declines, 2009
October declines, 2009
Declines, 2009
[August thru October]
November declines, 2009
Decline, June, 2009
September declines, 2009
[Includes declines for April and October.]
January events, 2010
January declines, 2010
February events, 2010
February declines, 2010
March events, 2010
March declines, 2010
Brazil / Argentina (March 14-19), 2010
April events, 2010
May events, 2010
March events, 2010
April declines, 2010
Declines, May, 2010
Declined, June, 2010
Declined, July, 2010
Declined, August, 2010
Declined, September, 2010
Declined, October, 2010
Declined, November, 2010
Declined, December, 2010
Christmas cards – verses used, 2010
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2015/067-2820 Completed (thank you notes):
[Includes thank you notes and congratulatory remarks by Anita Perry and her staff. Topics primarily include gifts received, events attended, and requests for donation items. A substantial portion also includes the original letters / invitations that they are responding to. A small number of photographs, ephemera, newspaper copies, and event scheduling forms are also present.]
January-December, 2001
2003 [2 folders]
2004 [2 folders]
2005 [2 folders]
2006 [4 folders]
[Folder 1 includes an informational CD with healthcare facts.]
2007 [2 folders]
[Folder 1 includes a police department pin.]
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E2015/067 Correspondence, 2001-2015 [40.5 MB, 1,374 files, 17 folders, .doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .mdb, .tif, unknown] (RESTRICTED)
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