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Office files, 1995-2010

Office files, 1995-2010, bulk 2004-2010, 0.67 cubic ft. and 18.9 GB (20,949 files)

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Scope and Content

The Budget, Planning and Policy Office advises the Governor regarding state policy and fiscal matters in support of his statutory role as Texas’ Chief budget officer. Records are the office files of the Office of Budget, Planning and Policy (BPP), dated 1995-2010, bulk 2004-2010. Records include administrative riders for the development of the Texas state budget in 2006; information on the Texas Budget Contract; fiscal surveys of state agencies; meeting agenda items; memoranda of understanding; correspondence from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Department of Public Safety, among others; summaries and recommendations from the Boards of Review for several state agencies; a small amount of correspondence from the Governor’s Office constituents pertaining to assorted senate bills; communication with the Legislative Budget Board; playbooks including talking points and briefings on topics such as health care, veteran’s initiatives, transportation, and education; report and studies on topics such as disaster recovery and affordable housing; witness forms to the joint staff meeting of the Texas Legislative Budget Board and the Governor’s Office; building proposal forms and correspondence with the Texas Procurement Commission; registration logs from the hearings held by the Task Force on Appraisal Reform; and correspondence regarding the OneStar volunteer service coordinator program. BPP staff files also comprise a large portion of this series. The records in this group pertain to the individual staff member’s area of policy advisement, such as transportation, communications, or economic development. When known, the staff member’s job title is listed next to the staff member’s name. Files containing only a year of records may have been those of office interns.

Formats of the original electronic files include word processing or plain digital text files (.doc, .docx and .txt), databases (.mbd), spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsm and .xlb), images (.jpg, .gif and .tif), emails, PDFs, slide presentations (.ppt and .pptx), web-ready images (.htm and .mht), vCard file (.vcf), zip files (.zip). web page files (.xml), cascading stylesheet (.css) and audio files (.mp3). Digital files presented for public use will generally be PDF for text documents and .jpeg for images or spreadsheets. Files in their original format are available on request; restrictions may apply.

The records are arranged by topic. Staff files are alphabetical by staff first name.

Preferred Citation
(Identify the item), Office files, Texas Governor Rick Perry Budget, Policy, and Planning Office records. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Technical Requirements
To obtain equipment to listen to the compact discs or audiocassettes, please contact Archives staff.

Inventory of the Office files

2015/067-3408 Correspondence
Bond Review Board outgoing letters, 2004-2010
OneStar state service plan, 2003-2009
2002-2013 [6 folders]
E2015/117 2001-2014
2015/067-3408 General:
2000-2007 [7 folders]
E2015/117 2013
Boards of Review, FY14-15, 2012
Budget files:
Administrative information, 2006
Budget compact rollout 9.12, 2012
NASBO (National Association of State Budget Officers), 2012-2014
DTRS (document tracking and routing system), scanned documents, 2001-2014
Playbook and presentations:
Playbook, 2012
Rollouts, 2012
2015/067-3410 Texas Prepares – Hurricane Gustav, 2008
E2015/117 Public education files, retention documents, 2010-2014
Publication development files:
Art 5, 2012-2013
Veteran and military, 2009-2010
Reports and studies (non-fiscal):
Affordable housing, 2002, 2008
Bastrop fire disaster response, 2011
DIR (director) business portal, 2007
Finance regulatory agencies overview, 2008
Health and human services, 2007-2009
Higher education, 2008-2010
Hurricane – disaster recovery overview, 2008
Insurance, 2001-2003
TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation), 2002
Workforce, 2002
2015/067-3408 Texas Task Force on Appraisal Reform, 2006 [3 folders]
E2015/117 Staff files:
Andres Alcantar (assistant director), 2003-2008
Amy Baillargeon (governor’s advisor), 2010-2011
Article II, 2002-2012
Andy Schonert, 2004-2006
Asma Vahora, 2007
Buddy Garcia (special assistant to the governor for Texas/Mexico border issues), 2002-2003
Brian Guthrie (assistant director), 2000-2007
BPP Brian Wilson (governor’s advisor on education policy), 1995-2003
Brian Garrett (administrative assistant), 2004-2008
Brian Lloyd (deputy director), 2008-2010
Brian Owens (workforce policy and budget advisor), 2008-2013
Brian Wilson, 2000-2004
Cart Weiland (intern), 2010
Casey Haney (aide), 2011
Cassie Brown (governor’s advisor on judicial affairs/regulatory), 2006-2011
C. Gaona (administrative assistant), 1999-2004
Chelsea Buchholtz (policy advisor for criminal and juvenile justice, public safety, and military and veterans’ affairs), 2011-2012
Damoun Ahmadi (intern), 2007
David Shoemaker (advisor on property tax policy), 2007
Donna Nelson (advisor on energy, telecommunications and cable), 2007-2008
Greg Stein (intern), 2009
Heidi McConnell (advisor on health policy), 2002-2007
Jay Meador, 2009
Julia Barth, 2004
Janna Burleson (advisor on criminal justice), 2003-2006
Janice Ehlert (advisor on human services/education), 2004-2006
Jennifer Ahrens (advisor on general government and legal), 2008-2010
Jessica Heck (intern), 2011
J. Mushinski, 2002
Jonathan Hurst (director), 2009-2012
Julie Harker (governor’s advisor on education), 2008-2010
J. Underwood (governor’s advisor on natural resources), 1998-2004
Kalese Hammonds (governor’s advisor), 2010-2012
K. Arnold (governor’s advisor on criminal justice), 2002
Kelly Sadler (government advisor), 2006-2007
Leia Lineberger (communications adviser), 2013
Liza Gonzalez (budget and policy analyst), 2003-2004
Logan Spence (general government), 2002-2006
Matthew Hobson, 2007
Melissa Oehler (first, governor’s advisor on education and the Public Utility Commission and then deputy director), 2006-2008
Mike Gerber (advisor on business and economic development), 2004-2005
Michael Schofield (governor’s advisor), 2008-2013
Michael Sparks (budget advisor), 2009-2010
Natalie Foerster (advisor on the Employee Retirement System and the Teacher Retirement System), 2006-2009
Pierce Huchton, 2013
Richard Hall (advisor on economic development), 2001-2004
Robert Scott (education policy advisor), 2001-2003
Smiley Garcia (fiscal advisor), 2000-2003
Sharon Buckley (administrative assistant), 2007-2010
Stephen Palmer (Texas Health Care Policy Council policy analyst), 2006-2009
Susan Walch (Grants Team member under Denise Francis), 2000-2003
Tony Gilman (budget and policy liaison to the state’s health profession licensure boards), 2002-2006
Tonya Baer (senior revenue analyst), 2007-2008
Todd Webster (advisor on public education), 2002-2006
Welfare-to-Work, 1999-2003
Zak Covar (advisor on natural resources), 2005-2007
2015/067-3409 Registration logs, 2006 [3 folders]
Building construction projects, 2007 [3 folders]
Supporting documentation (Task Force on Appraisal Reform), 2006
Witness registration forms, (Joint staff budget hearing of the Governor’s Office and the Legislative Budget Board), August-October 2012 [3 folders]
2015/067-3411 Recordings of open meetings (Task Force on Appraisal Reform), 2006 [contains compact discs and audiocassettes]
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